Monday, 14 January 2013

Very exciting news!  
Having just blogged about the wet land tours at Loch Leven and the possibility of being lucky enough to spot a Sea Eagle, we have just seen a Sea Eagle fly over Balgowan near Tibbermore! 

It's heading south over Dunning and Auchterarder - keep a look out - it's huge and very majestic! 
Know your Sea Eagle Facts; 
Sea Eagles are the largest European bird of prey, they had sadly become wiped out in Britain because of Egg collectors. A few years ago Sea Eagle chicks were brought over from Norway in an attempt to try and establish a breeding population of these magnificent birds.In Scotland we now have over 200 Sea Eagles that have been bred here. You can tell a Sea Eagle by a longer neck than the golden eagle, grey and brown feathers and it has a flatter wing profile than a conventional eagle.

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