Friday, 24 April 2015

Perthshire in April

When the clocks change to summer time, it’s like a wake-up call to the countryside.  Snowdrops have gone and daffodils are everywhere. Blackthorn fills the hedgerows with its white blosson, and it’s worthwhile marking the position of a few bushes for later in the year so that you can return to gather some sloes to make a comforting sloe gin, or simply a delicious jelly.

Daffodils flower everywhere and the gean tree (wild cherry) blossom falls in waves of white petals.  The hedgerows are greening up and on the farm lands fields are suddenly looking brighter as the winter shown crops respond to a bit of warmth. Gorse bushes look bright yellow, there’s wild garlic to be found, primroses and signs of bluebells to come. Scotland looks wonderful!

We cannot rely on the wonderful spell of weather we have enjoyed in April this year, but it doesn’t take long for us all to respond to the sun, and out we go…to the garden, the golf course, the hills, on bikes, and weather for Perth Races Spring meeting has been fabulous – fancy a flutter?  

Whatever the weather brings now, April has been a joy.  Start getting out and about in Perth and Perthshire and how better to enjoy it than a short break.  Choose from our list and keep checking deals on Abade’s

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