Sunday, 23 August 2009

Perthshire for archaeology

Much work has been done over the years on excavating sites of archeological interest. Visitors are familiar with the Roman Camp at Ardoch and the fine reconstruction of the ancient settlement at the Crannog near Kenmore where underwater survey continues.

Recently a rare 4000-year old Bronze Age grave has been uncovered at Forteviot only a few miles from Perth. Covered with a huge 4-ton sandstone slab that was removed by a crane, the grave is described as “spectacular” by experts. The site where the find was made is where Kenneth McAlpin, the first king of a united Scotland, died in AD858

A Historic Scotland spokesman said, “ Bronze Age cist burials are not uncommon finds in Scotland, but early indications from this new discovery, both the quality of the grave goods and also the careful construction and decoration of the burial cists, suggest that the individual buried here was someone of the highest social standing – and that is very rare and very exciting.”
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