Monday, 27 July 2009

Perthshire raspberry crop in July

July is the time of year when raspberries are ripe and utterly delicious. Perthshire is famed for its production of this crop where the soft summer climate is particularly favourable for its growth.

To grow raspberries, the first year after planting, the flowers should be removed to help the plant build up reserves. From the second year, plants are normally ready for harvesting in July. In winter the flowered canes should be pruned to ground level. Fruit is ripe and ready for picking when it has turned a deep red colour and falls off the stem easily.

Even though you can buy raspberries almost all year round, nothing compares with the taste of the berries from the Blarigorwie and East Perthshire crop. After you have had your fill of just eating them fresh, with or without cream, our family favourite way of dealing with a glut of raspberries, after making delicious raspberry jam to enjoy all year round, is to bake them under a crumble mixture – pure heaven – enjoy!

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